Worldwide Golf tournaments and Events

golf_tournamentGolf is one of the few ball games that do not require a standardized playing area. Interesting fact about golf is that it is one of the only 2 games that were played on moon. Previously, golf balls were made up of wood, however, currently golf balls are made up of feathers. Every year golf and golf related events are organized around the globe. Professional golf tournaments and industry exposure provide inspiration for incorporating the game into events and activities. We will update you with latest world golf tournament in this post. Many organizations and academies that offer you a pre-golf lesson or golf related team building activity. They can cater for groups of 10-140 or even more. Golf events are organized in all the countries especially in summer. Every country has academies that conduct events that are open competitions for all nationalities subject to their eligibility criteria.

The European Junior Golf Tour organizes golf events for junior golfers to provide them opportunity years to compete on a nationwide basis at a variety of select places. One of the golf tournament organized by European Junior Golf Tour will be conducted on Saturday 9th July 2016 in Brookfield. Several other organizations organize golf tournaments and events at national and international levels.

World’s golf championship has planned following golf events in 2016

  • Cadillac championship
  • Match play
  • Bridgestone invitational
  • HSCB champions

The European Junior Golf Tour has scheduled golf events and tournaments in 2016. See the list below:

  • Nedbank Golf Challenge
  • Australian PGA Championship
  • Omega Dubai Desert Classic
  • Maybank Championship Malaysia
  • AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open
  • Alfred Dunhill Championship
  • Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship

New York State of golf association has also scheduled several events and tournaments with regard to golf in 2016. See the list below:

  • NYSGA Amateur Series – Shaker Ridge
  • NYSGA Amateur Series – Brook-Lea
  • NYSGA Amateur Series – Albany
  • NYSGA Amateur Series – Stafford
  • NYSGA Amateur Series – Ravenwood
  • NYSGA Amateur Series – Glen Oak

PGA has also scheduled several events and tournaments with regard to golf in 2016. Have a look at the list below:

  • FedEx St. Jude Classic
  • Constellation Senior Players Championship
  • Nashville Golf Open
  • Rust-Oleum Championship
  • Memorial Tournament
  • Cambia Portland Classic
  • Omega European Masters

Experienced team is required to offer a fully tailor service to run any kind of tournament or golf related event. Hope the above lists are helpful about latest world golf tournament.

Worldwide Golf tournaments and Events are worthwhile outings everyone should look out for and you are rest assured of fun and joy at every event you will attend .

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Golf tournaments useful for charitable purposes In Australia

golfcharityEvery sport activity involves a great amount of fun and excitement. In order to promote golf tournament among the masses they are often involved to gain funds for charitable purposes. Children, women and men of all age groups are eligible to take part in the Golf Tournaments, Australia. Even the organization also organized golf coaching camps for people to learn the tricks of the game play. The participants will be taught the grip, aim, alignment, stance, posture, hitting and putting techniques so that they can enjoy the golf tournaments properly. The organizers will conduct competitions for the participants and then prizes will be distributed among the players. With the aim to encourage donations, the Golf Tournaments, Australia are highly beneficial for hundreds and hundreds of enthusiast players as well. Many of these tournaments are held all over the world for professionals and for recreational purposes. Even the state level organizations conduct golf tournaments and to make a small contribution by endorsing golf tournament gifts. Moreover, the local tournaments are specially conducted for specific organizations or for charities. Anyone can enroll themselves and can submit their entries with the organizers to participate in the fun competition.

Not only this, the players are yet to receive any award or appreciation in the form of golf clothing, golf vacation trips, golf balls, golf equipment and golf club bags important to promote the golf tournament. The entire promotion process involves three main elements so that the event can become a successful one- recruiting the golfers, a fund raising organization and sponsorship. With the help of these main elements you can promote your event and can make it the prefect golf tournament. For advertising purposes, different promotional ideas can be utilized like opting local media, radio, newspapers, banners, or magazines so that you can grab the attention of large number of participants. You can make the event a special or more enjoyable though different innovative ideas providing the full sources like introducing some interesting games and contests after the event or next to event so that audiences can also enjoy by taking part in many other activities. These tournaments promote a great spirit, fellowship and ensure the best way to make lots of money. Apart from this, golf tournament gifts helps to make involve fun, encourage game spirit and persuade unity among people for promoting the golf activity and increasing sales in golf equipment.

If you are planning to organize such kind of event then try to arrange all the things in advance with full planning and careful execution tips. The most important part of golf tournament depends on the size of the charity scheme, golf course and supporters. All these factors will determine the capacity to plan and organize everything in advance only then you will able to manage a hassle-free and peaceful charity fundraising event. In case if there is any confusion or difficulty arise in planning then you can also take the guidance of a good planner who can help you to involve unique ideas.

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